About Laurie DeGrappo LICSW

Laurie DeGrappo is a licensed independent clinical social worker with an office located in Beverly, MA.  She has been working in the field of social work since receiving her MSW in 1998.  Laurie comes from a diverse work background including adolescent group homes,  supervising a social work team in Philadelphia, to working many years in an agency setting providing psychotherapy to adults.  Laurie has been in private practice for over 4 years and has continuously furthered her education, training and skills. She has chosen to specialize in Brainspotting as it is an amazing tool for healing and wellness.  Laurie is also an approved Brainspotting Consultant for clinicians who are studying to become Certified Brainspotting Practitioners.  She is able to provide the consultation hours required for certification.

My Mission

My mission is to help you heal so that you can feel connected, joyful and whole. 

Is therapy for me?

I believe that everyone can benefit from learning more about themselves and identifying places for growth and change.  Life and our current social climate can be stressful and sometimes overwhelming.  Finding ways to create balance and connection is important. 


Whether you are looking for short term counseling or to build a long term trusting safe relationship, I am here for you.  Great therapy begins by building a strong relationship of trust and mutual respect together.  Therapy is an active process in which we both work toward your goals.  


Laurie encourages me to look at things from other angles, to reframe my thoughts and to face what I am truly feeling.  From breathing techniques, to visualization, to EFT tapping to Brainspotting, my sessions are providing me with both the tools I need to better manage my anxiety and to heal the trauma underlying it all.  With Laurie's guidance I am able to do the work needed so that anxiety no longer controls my life.

Client CD


A Life Changing Moment

I was seeking help for depression and PTSD. During one of our sessions Laurie suggested I try Brainspotting. I was skeptical at first, but agreed to try.  And then BAM!  I experienced the results almost instantaneously.  I felt a sense of relief that was beyond my expectations.  Drug free and non-invasive.  Thank you.

Client JMC


I can't say enough about my positive experiences being a patient of Laurie DeGrappo.  Not only is she a smart, caring and creative therapist, but she uses the technique of Brainspotting for people who have had traumatic experiences.  This technique has helped me enormously in navigating the grief process after the death of my husband and a few close friends.  Laurie has also helped unearth and revisit some of the underlying things in my life that have contributed to, not only how I deal with grief, but also how I cope with everyday challenges and offered some new ways to continue on a path of hope and enrichment.  Along with 1:1 therapy, laurie has offered a number of resources including handouts, books and websites that have proven very useful.  She has also taught me some useful techniques that have helped me through physical and emotional pain.  I can say that through talk therapy, brainspotting and creative guidance Laurie has walked with me on a journey of acceptance, independence and growth.

Client WN