Laurie DeGrappo  LICSW 

Psychotherapy for Adults

Specializing in Brainspotting Therapy

Life happens to everyone.  Simply being human brings it's share of challenges and triumphs.  Sometimes the challenges can seem overwhelming and hard to navigate.  You do not have to navigate life alone.  








                                                                                                             Create Inner Balance 


Lets discover what works​

Integrative psychotherapy tailored to your needs.  All people are different and no one therapy approach works for everyone.   Let's figure out what works best for you.  

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Brainspotting is a revolutionary new brain body based psychotherapy for rapid and effective healing.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques  

EFT is a mind-body approach to treatment.   EFT can gently and swiftly release traumatic events that are frozen in time in the body-mind system. 

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